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Dauphin now offers the Perillo Lounge, an eye-catching chair designed by Martin Bellendat. Positioned on a sleek metal base, the chair wraps around itself and flows seamlessly from the backrest to the armrests, and from seat to floor.
Davis Furniture introduces Kontour modular seating. With coordinating ottomans and end tables, Kontour can be arranged in limitless configurations to provide comfortable, functional seating options in rooms of all sizes. Rectilinear and curvilinear shapes, zigzag backrests, and optional privacy enclosures create strong visual interest while enhancing a designer’s ability to define spaces and control traffic flow in large public areas.
Gunlocke introduces the Ciji Lounge Collection that doesn’t dominate, but rather complements the look of reception, lobby, collaborative or gathering areas. Ideal for most any workplace environment, the Ciji™ Lounge Collection provides balanced proportions with a refreshing simplicity of design.
Jasper Group Brand introduces Moda Seating, a visually simplistic guest chair. Add mixed materials and clean linear architectural details, and the result is a design with a beautifully sculpted wood back and a full range of coordinating seating.
KI’s new Itoki Collection boasts modern design, refined elegance, simple beauty – the pillars of standards that embrace the new collection. Itoki offers fresh, modern forms for virtually any application.
W-Cubed, LLC. launches Malik “Speedway,” a trendy laptop lounge armchair. The working surface and seat shell connect to an organic loop, and is a friendly eye-catcher for lounge and relax areas.


ESI Ergonomic Solutions introduces Solstice, a task light offering brilliant LED lighting with a sleak and atttractive design. Included in the base are touch-sensitive dimmer and conveniently located USB port to power and change hand-held devices and other desktop accessories.
Humanscale launches Element Vision, a new standard for lighting perofrmance never before seen from an LED task light. It features cutting-edge advancements in MCX LED technology.
Mighty Bright introduces Lux Bar and Lux Dome, versatile and energy efficient task lights. Streamlined and sophisticated, Lux LED Task Lights are functional, eco-friendly, and embody a simple aesthetic elegance.

Textiles and Fabrics

Carnegie introduces Xorel Applique, a high performance textile that blends the modern innovative materials in Xorel with the traditional textile carpet process. It is embellished by appliqueing decorative design motifs in a secondary layer of Xorel.
Pallas Textiles presents Springtime in Paris, the first collaboration between Pallas Textiles and Janet Hild Design. The collection contributes to the quality of healthcare environments by creating an air of comfort and solace for those who need it most – patients and family members.
Valo, a Division of Dauphin North America introduces Konstrux, a freestanding modular table system with interchangeable components and configurations that can fit any number of applications, including working, training, meeting and more.
Plastex International Inc. introduces Clasico, a new addition to the vinyl product line. With the look and feel of leather, Clasico features eleven colors including some metallic and pearlized finishes.

Office Seating

Allseating introduces the AYR chair. Like the human body, the AYR chair is a series of intersecting lines and curves in a delicate balance. The end result is a seating solutution with decreased pressure points and increased comfort that compliments today’s office and educational settings.
Allseating introduces Tuck, a versatile and high-density stacking chair that provides a comfortable seating solution in many environemnts. Whether it’s used in a collaborative settings, as a cafeteria chair, or in an auditorium, it can easily be “tucked” away when not in use.
Borgo Contract Seating’s new Zero 7 is available in multiple versions for customization. The Zero 7 comes with or without a headrest, is padded with a mesh or a plastic backrest, features fixed or adjustable arms, or with a swivel or four leg base. Available in white, black, grey plastic options.
DARRAN Furniture Industries introduces COVET, a new executive seating collection with a slim, chiseled profile and a high level of detail invoking 360 degree visual interest. Designed by Michael Shields, COVET is offered with various arm designs appropriate for executive private offices, conference rooms or open plan environments.
Dauphin launches the Aiko Chair, an aesthetically pleasing task chair that combines design ergonomics to make it suitable for a variety of environments.
Dauphin introduces the new Logan chair, which combines style and comfort with a clean design.
Davis Furniture launches Sketch, a stylish pull up conference chair. With its petite footprint, slender base designs, and injection molded foam bucket seat, Sketch brings comfort and elegance wherever it goes, and features a delicate stitch across the center of the front and back, providing visual interest and the opportunity to upholster it in an endless array of combinations.
Davis Furniture introduces Ginkgo, a delicate, yet durable bent plywood conference chair with an organic aesthetic that is both instantly recognizable and utterly unforgettable.
Davis Furniture introduces the Soft lounge chair. The smooth, organic shape of Soft, with its sculptured edges and continuous lines, makes this chair a showpiece of modern design. Its spacious injection molded foam seat offers a remarkably comfortable and relaxing experience.
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